Your Benefit

We maintain the best possible environment;  you make the most of your abilities.

We aren't looking for knowledge or experience - We're looking for innovators.

Those who have their eyes set on the future are the ones who add new value to things - it has nothing to do with age, status, nationality or experience. That's why we have maintained a horizontal organizational structure.There's no need to worry about your title or seniority here; our work environment enables you to lead, as long as you make sense and have the will to be heard.

Show us fundamental change, not short-sighted results

To create an environment that focuses on fundamental solutions to problems rather than immediate results, you need to spend time thinking about the best possible approach, through a process of trial and error. We don't assess people based on quotas or short-term results. We focus assessments on work processes, depending on actions that help to fundamentally resolve problems on a daily basis. You should always be ready to take on new challenges, in order to achieve your goals without fear of failure.

Work at the office isn't the only important thing to us – nor should it be to you.

We have a range of policies in place to enable female employees to maintain a healthy balance between life at work and at home. Our employees can take maternal leave at any time, from pregnancy until their children reach the age of three. You can choose to work reduced hours until your loved one finishes elementary school, and even receive a bonus when you return to work. These policies go farther than do those at other companies, exactly because they have been devised hands-on by our own employees. Almost 100% of those who make use of these policies come back to work afterwards.