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Why did you choose WAP?

I used to apply to gaming companies and IT divisions at banks. However, video games are something that people can live without: if anything, they tend to absorb people and prevent them from doing the more important things in life. Meanwhile at the banks I am not likely to have much freedom in terms of creating software, because engineers at banks are expected to create software strictly in line with instructions from above. Those were the two key points that made me opt for WAP: so that I could use IT to positively influence the world around me, and so that I could affect change through my work more independently.

What is your mission?

Shortly after joining the company, I became involved with a newly launched webmail project. The development center was transferred to Singapore - a more global environment - to expand the project even further. I actually applied to be transferred to Singapore myself. Once I was there, we started to get more and more team members of different nationalities. My mission right now is to map out a bigger picture for the future of webmail, and to lead the way for our other team members.

What was noticed after you have joined WAP?

One of the best things about WAP's development process here is that individual developers get involved at every stage, from the initial grand design all the way through to configuration and installation. The process involves creating a new system from scratch, so you need to keep up with new technologies and learn new development languages too. It's tough being involved in the entire development process - creating a finished product from scratch - but knowing that you are doing your bit to have a positive impact on the world through IT gives you a tremendous sense of achievement.

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