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Gao Shang

Why did you choose WAP?

I had never heard of WAP when I first applied, but then I found out that it was the biggest ERP vendor in Japan and that it was just starting to expand into China. The more I learned about the company, the more it seemed like the best choice. I had previously done internships with other companies such as IBM, Morgan Stanley and Baidu, but they all had an established presence in the Chinese market by then. I decided on WAP because I wanted to get involved with a company in its expansion phase, as a pioneer expanding into new markets.

What is your mission?

I am currently involved in CIM (Company Identity Management) development. WAP's CIM is an overall solution that automatically manages identity and privileges of diverse information system inside or outside WAP for customers.

At WAP, developers are directly involved in each stage of the software development cycle, from the initial grand design to development, testing and user interface (UI) design. Other members do contribute ideas and suggestions, but the final decision is ultimately up to me. Handling the entire development process on your own enables you to improve your abilities in every respect.

What was noticed after you have joined WAP?

In my first year with the company, I was fortunate enough to be nominated for a prize that recognized the most innovative members of the company. I never expected to be nominated for such a great award in such a short period of time after joining the company, so I was both surprised and delighted.

The work environment here at WAP is such that all employees are given the same opportunities, regardless of how long they've been with the company or what their positions are. The same applies in larger contexts too, and not just to the company's management policies. Whatever country you work in, all your colleagues - whether they're at the headquarters in Tokyo, in Shanghai or in Singapore - are all willing to help you. I never feel any barriers between us. There aren't many companies with a culture like that.

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