Meet Our People


Yang Ji

Why did you choose WAP?

I decided to join WAP for the following three reasons: because it is a foreign company, because it directly contributes to society through its business activities, and because the company as a whole is focused on innovation. I am keen to grow and improve myself. So I was looking for a company where I would come into contact with new surroundings and cultures, and a work environment where I could broaden my knowledge and absorb more knowledge. I chose WAP because I felt that I would have the potential to be truly innovative while working alongside diverse colleagues.

What is your mission?

No matter what we're doing at WAP, we always start by compiling a master plan called a "catalog". The catalog maps out the ideals for a given project. Chinese companies tend not to devote as much time to business research in the development process. Here at WAP, however, business research is regarded as the most important part of that process, along with mapping out the ideal outcomes that you wish to achieve. That's why all of those processes are carried out by engineers. WAP engineers are more than just coding machines. I feel that we are product architects with an intimate understanding of business.

What was noticed after you have joined WAP?

At WAP, we work with people from various backgrounds. Working with people from different cultures and who think differently, however, is an essential ingredient that enables us to see things more clearly. Our different cultural backgrounds mean that we don't always agree. We often end up having minor arguments too. I believe, nonetheless, that those numerous confrontations enable us to produce better end results, and also help all of us grow as individuals. I feel that keeping those diverse interactions under control has really enabled me to grow too. Diversity is like a spark that triggers growth, in terms of products; and it also does so on an individual level too. I am reminded of that every day.

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