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Dongze Wei

Why did you choose WAP?

When I was looking for a job, I received offers from a number of other companies as well as WAP. They included Microsoft, Yahoo, Baidu, TouchPal, TP-Link and Huawei. They were all internationally renowned companies with unique products that change people's lives, so I applied these positions without putting much thought into it, really. And frankly, I knew next to nothing about WAP at the time.

When I made the shortlist and started to learn more about WAP, I found that it offered an environment with much more challenges and opportunities. I knew that choosing a bigger company would probably be less of risks, but there wouldn't be any real room for personal growth. Ultimately, I decided on WAP because I prefer its environment with tremendous potential for growth, even if working for WAP would involve working on more challenging tasks.

What is your mission?

At the beginning I worked on webmail development, working with new technologies such as Wink, Cassandra, Atmosphere and Angular. Learning about new technologies and putting them into practice is a constant challenge. There are times when incorporating a new technology prevents the product from working properly, forcing you to reconfigure everything again. Continually doing so enables you to master that new technology. I have started working on developing another new product recently, so I'm having to catch up on and use different cutting-edge technologies. I find that really exciting.

What was noticed after you have joined WAP?

I'm fortunate to have such great colleagues. I get to work with people who are straightforward, genuine and full of energy. I appreciate having colleagues who are enthusiastic about new challenges, and determined to keep going until the job is done. Obviously, that applies to members of staff from other countries too, as well as our Chinese engineers. I have been able to learn a great deal from working in a global environment, with people who have global outlooks. As I continue to work in such an environment, I hope that I will have plenty of opportunities to take on more important roles and gain more experience in the future.

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