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Why did you choose WAP?

I wanted to improve my own value in the global market, so I was looking for a global company where I could work at an overseas office. I know it can be hard to work in an unfamiliar country with people who view things differently, but it enables you to learn so much more. In addition to meeting all of those criteria, WAP struck me by its strong desire to have its employees unlock their potential. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found my ideal company.

What is your mission?

WAP has been ranked in the top five companies for job satisfaction in Japan for seven years in a row. What that basically means is that individual employees enjoy working here and that we have an excellent working environment. It's stimulating to work with people from so many different nationalities at WAP's office in Singapore, because you are surrounded by people with completely different cultures, religions and habits. One of the amazing things about WAP is that, although we have different ways of thinking as individuals, we're all headed in the same direction. Even if we view things from different perspectives, we are all ultimately working towards the same goal, and we all work together as a team to develop each project. I love that about the environment here at WAP.

What was noticed after you have joined WAP?

I was surprised to have developed such close relationships with my colleagues and my mentor. I always thought that people working at foreign companies strictly separated their work and personal lives, and wouldn't have much to do with their colleagues outside of work. In reality, I have been able to build a healthy professional relationship with my Japanese mentor. He is always happy to talk to me if I am unsure about something, and is always by my side providing support. We go out together as friends outside of work too. He organizes welcome parties whenever someone new is assigned, and birthday parties for all members of staff. I have even invited him to parties I have organized myself.

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