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Why did you choose WAP?

Think about what phones used to be like: international calls used to be extremely expensive and you couldn't afford to make them regularly unless you were wealthy. Things are very different nowadays, however. Thanks to the Internet, you can make international calls for free as long as you have an Internet connection. You can even see the other person while you are talking to them. That's the amazing, life-changing power that IT can have. I decided to join WAP so that I could harness the power of IT to create genuinely daring, groundbreaking products and technologies that would have real impacts on people's lives.

What is your mission?

The development process at WAP is fascinating, and unlike anywhere else. Working in development, we use a unique "catalog" tool to map out the ideal version of a product. Everything is mapped out in the catalog, from their product features to the benefits they offer. The process of compiling a catalog is extremely important within the overall development process, because it makes the developer more aware of issues that need to be resolved and which functions will benefit the end user. Catalogs also serve as a common language between the company's different offices.

What was noticed after you have joined WAP?

As employees, WAP gives us a great deal of freedom. Given that we're expected to add new value to the company's operations in various ways, it's important that we always come up with new ideas and think about innovations. That's why it's great to be in an environment with as few restrictions as possible.

I work under Japanese managers, who are very open-minded and always willing to give advice. They always have a vision of an ideal in mind, and provide guidance to other members so that we can realize those ideals. They make a real effort to improve motivation too, so that we all do our very best.

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